MATHletes Challenge

MATHletes Challenge 2014: From a Whisper to a Roar.

MATHletes Challenge is a free tournament to transform how we learn and teach maths in Ireland.

The online and in-person competition uses the Khan Academy website and gives thousands of students across Ireland the chance to compete with each other, and improve their maths abilities. It includes a Student Challenge and a Schools Challenge, and is open to students from 4th class through 5th year (ROI), Primary 7 though Year 13. Over €20,000 in prizes will be awarded to individuals and schools.

MATHletes Challenge 2015 will launch on Monday, January 5th.  Registration and updates will be posted here soon, but you can signup for Khan Academy at anytime for free and get familiar with the site! If you would like updates on Khan Academy in Ireland or next year’s Challenge, please enter your details below, follow us on twitter, or like us on facebook. See you next year!


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