Train Compete and Win


What is the MATHletes Challenge?

MATHletes Challenge is a pioneering maths tournament for Ireland based on the Khan Academy approach to learning and teaching maths.

Students from 4th to 6th class in primary school and 1st to 5th year in secondary school junior cycle are eligible for the 2015 Challenge. Students compete online through the Khan Academy website, and face to face against their peers, with over €20,000 in prizes and the title of MATHletes Challenge All-Ireland Champion on offer.

Students can participate individually in the Student Challenge and/or with their school in the School Challenge, with top scorers advancing to county, provincial and national finals in May. Students will also be able to connect with other contestants by attending free Khan Clubs which will be held in the National Educations Centres across the country.


What is Khan Academy?

Khan Academy is a non‐profit organisation with a mission of providing a free world‐class education for anyone, anywhere. Their free online educational resources include practice problems, instructional lessons, and learning tools to support personalised education for users of all ages. As of Jan 2014, they have 10 million users per month and over 4 million practice problems completed each day.

Khan Academy can add value to teaching and learning maths in Ireland and around the world. It's fun and effective.

Learn more about how Khan Academy is transforming maths education in Ireland and worldwide.www.khanacademy.org


Who can get involved?

The 2015 competition is open to:

  • 4th, 5th and 6th class students in Primary, and 1st year through 5th year (pre- Leaving Cert) in the Republic of Ireland.
  • Primary 6 and Primary 7, and Year 8-13 students in Northern Ireland.


How can I get involved?


The MATHletes Challenge 2014 includes two different competitions: the Student Challenge, and the Schools Challenge.

  • The Student Challenge is an individual competition: any student in the eligible age range can signup and compete.
  • The Schools Challenge is a competition between schools across Ireland. Teachers sign-up for the Challenge and register their class(es) on Khan Academy, and all points that their students accumulate will go toward their school total.


Can I compete in both Challenges?

Yes.  For 2015, all students who are competing in the Schools Challenge will be automatically entered in the individual challenge as well.


When is the contest open?

The online contest opens on Monday, January 5th 2015. The online "training" portion of the competition closes at midnight on Thursday, March 19th for the individual Student Challenge, and at midnight on Thursday, April 16th for the Schools Challenge.

Provincial playoffs for the Student Challenge will be held the weekend of April 18th and the National Finals will be held on Saturday, May 2nd. 

*note: The dates for the County, Provincial, and National finals may be subject to change.


Where does the Challenge take place?

The MATHletes Student Challenge takes place both online and in-person. During the first Training Phase of the competition, MATHletes compete online through the Khan Academy website. You can also meet other MATHletes in-person at free Khan Clubs around the country, held in your local Education Centres, CoderDojos, and schools.

County, Provincial, and National finals for the Student Challenge will take place in person at the end of April/Early May. There are no in-person events for the Schools Challenge – all competition will take place online, with prizes awarded at the All-Ireland Championship on May 2nd.


Why get involved?


The MATHlete National Champion for each class will win a new iPad. The top schools in the MATHletes Schools Challenge will win a cash award to improve technology access for their students. Other prizes will be awarded to national, provincial, and county finalists, and through drawings and challenges throughout the Challenge.


Compete against your peers from across Ireland. Your mastery on Khan Academy will qualify you for prizes and a place in the Challenge Championship. Successive rounds at the County, and Provincial levels all lead up to the MATHletes National Finals in Dublin.


Connect with other students who are interested in maths at Khan Clubs in your area, like our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter. You can also compete with your class by having your teacher register your class for Schools Challenge, which will let you compete for your school against others from across Ireland.