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Khan Academy is a 501(c)3 non‐profit with a mission of providing a free world‐class education for anyone, anywhere. Their free online educational resources include practice problems, instructional lessons, and learning tools to support personalized education for users of all ages. As of Jan 2014, they have 10 million users per month and over 4 million practice problems completed each day.

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What Khan Academy is:

  • Khan Academy is about personalized learning.
  • We believe students need the time and space to master concepts before moving on to a more advanced concept. Personalised learning allows students to build confidence, learn to take responsibility, and drive their own learning.
  • Gaps in foundational knowledge often cause shallow, frustrating learning experiences. Students should have deep, conceptual understanding of fundamental ideas before moving on to more advanced topics.
  • Learning should bring students together to explore questions and grapple with them in tangible ways.
  • Accurate real-time data can supercharge learning by allowing students, educators, and parents to identify gaps and focus learners on the most optimal material.

What Khan Academy is not:

  • Khan Academy is not a silver bullet. KA is a tool that is used best in conjunction with a teacher/coach/mentor.
  • We are not a video archive. While this is the most well-known type of content, there is significant value in the skills practice, explorations, and status reports that are provided.
  • Khan Academy is a tool in the hands of educators and students used to personalised learning.

The role of the teacher

Teachers’ critical role in a Khan Academy Classroom

Teachers are constantly looking for fresh tools that will engage their students and make them motivated. As a teacher, it is infinitely more fulfilling when you have a classroom of energised students who are making progress, than a classroom of students that are punching the clock.

Teachers provide the human element to inspire, motivate and guide students through their learning paths. There are some people who believe that technology in education diminishes the importance of teachers. At Khan Academy, we see technology as a way to aid educators in providing more differentiated engagement in their class.

The teachers we have seen implement Khan Academy are bright, innovative, and creative, and they take their classrooms to greater learning heights. They use technology as a tool to make their classrooms more personalised, more mastery-based, and more interactive.

Khan Academy in Ireland

Since the fall of 2013, a number of grassroots initiatives lead by teachers, tutors, parents, students across the country have aimed to raise awareness of Khan Academy in Ireland. These individuals are tremendous advocates for Khan Academy and MATHletes. We will be featuring their stories on our blog. To learn about how Khan Academy and the MATHletes Challenge came to Ireland – check out this presentation:

Khan Academy Symposium – #KAIreland

On September 27th, 200 teachers, parents, students and educators came together at the first ever Khan Academy Symposium to learn about Khan Academy implementation, and to celebrate the innovative ways that Khan Academy is transforming maths learning and teaching in Ireland. These leaders are building a movement and community of educators that are looking to use free proven technology and innovative learning modes to raise the confidence and competence of Irish students in mathematics to best in the world. To download all of the presentations, case studies, and workshops from the day, check out our MATHletes Slideshare site.

Want to host your own Khan Academy workshop?

Check out Khan Academy’s presentations for Sharing KA with others (includes toolkits for back to school nights & Maths teacher trainings)

You can also connect on twitter with other Khan Academy advocates, and find about events going on in your area by using the #KAirelandon twitter.

Khan Academy in the News

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