2015 MATHletes Challenge Provincial Finalists

Note from the MATHletes Coaching team:

We were completely blown away by the time, effort, and intensity that each of you put into mastering challenges on Khan Academy over the last 3 months in the Student Challenge. We had a very difficult job narrowing the field from over 12,000 MATHletes down to the 680 that we could invite to the provincial playoffs. All MATHletes should be incredibly proud of the work that you did representing your school, town, and county in the Challenge.

If you school is competing in the Schools Challenge, keep up the work on Khan Academy through April 16th to earn points for your school! If you did not qualify this year, keep training on Khan Academy in the off-season to hit the ground running in the Champions League next year! Special congrats to our finalists!

Congratulations to all competitors, well done to the finalists, and thank you for inspiring all of us at MATHletes. Remember: You Can Learn Anything!


2015 Provincial Finalists

If your name or your students name is on this list, you will be getting an invitation by email on Wednesday evening, March 25th. If you do not get an invite by Thursday, March 26th, please email to have one sent again.

Provincial Finals will be held on Saturday, April 18th from 9:30-2:30pm in Dublin, Cork, Galway, and Letterkenny

The deadline to reply to the invitation and secure your place in the final is THURSDAY, APRIL 2ND

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Criteria for provincial selection: MATHletes were chosen for the Provincial finals based on the following

  1. Minimum mastery points and time spent on Khan Academy
  2. Performance on the All-Ireland overall and monthly leaderboards in each league and class
  3. Top Primary and Secondary performer in each county per league, having completed criteria (1)
  4. Final places awarded based on combined ranking of provincial performance and Khan Academy achievement metric
  5. Weekly Challenge performance was used as tiebreaker deciders.

Final Events will be held at Eircom Headquarterts (Leinster Primary), Google Headquarters (Leinster Secondary), NUI Galway (Connaught), Letterkenny IT (Ulster), Cork Institute of Technology (Munster)

More information for finalists, including directions to each of the events will be posted here shortly.