MATHletes Challenge 2015 All-Ireland Winners

The MATHletes Challenge 2015 All-Ireland Championship Final took place on Saturday, May 2nd at Dublin City University. Over €40,000 in prizes were awarded throughout the Challenge, including trophies, iPads, chromebooks, Lego education workshops & classroom materials, and €10,000 in university scholarships thanks to Dublin City University. Check out our full list of individual and school winners, as 8 individuals and 4 schools were crowned MATHletes All-Ireland 2015 Champions.

School Winners


Student Winners


Competition Format

The final consisted of 3 events to test participants maths knowledge:

Khan Academy Speed Test

Similar to the focus exercises, competitors will receive a list of recommended exercises in Khan Academy. They will complete as many MATHletes-recommended exercises as possible in the allotted time, testing MATHletes’ speed and agility to respond to a range of maths topics

Problem Set Marathon

MATHletes will be given a problem set with questions similar to those in the Weekly Challenges. These will test MATHletes’ endurance and critical thinking as they apply their maths skills from Khan Academy to a range of scenarios and problems.

LearnIT Team Event

LearnIT developed an interactive, team-based projects that test MATHletes’ teamwork and collaboration skills. Challengers used their maths skills to engineer and build cars and land yachts.