Champion Spotlight: Coláiste Bhaile Chláir, Galway.


Champion Spotlight: Coláiste Bhaile Chláir

CBC winners

Colaiste Bhaile Chlair, MATHletes Challenge 2014 points per eligible student category winners in the Secondary Division from Co. Galway accepting their championship cup at the National finals in May.


Colaiste Bhaile Chlair was a new school for the 2013-14 year, with only 1st year students. All 160 CBC students participated in the Challenge – making it one of the few schools to have 100% participation, and helping catapult them up the leaderboards in the points per eligible student competition. CBC volunteered to host the MATHletes Connaught finals, and 11 of their student progressed to the National Championship in Dublin. Jake Larkin came in 3rd in Ireland for 1st years. Read more about Colaiste Bhaile Chlair’s success in their school newsletter


Colaiste Bhaile Chlair teacher Gareth Callan and 2nd year student Jake Larkin talk about using Khan Academy at CBC and competing in the MATHletes


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A teacher perspective: Gareth Callan


What was one of your most memorable moments of the MATHletes Challenge?

‘We were proud to host the Connaught finals (at CBC). Students and parents were willing to give up their Saturday morning and travel great distances in some cases to compete.’

CBC winners

CBC students at the Connaught Provincial Finals

How do you use Khan Academy in your class?

‘Khan Academy provided instant feedback to both me as a teacher and to my students’. It was great for students who wanted an extra bit of practice at a topic and students who wanted to fine-tune their skills. It allowed students to move at their own pace, and access it from anywhere as long as they had a device.


What advice do you have to teachers who are new to Khan Academy?

‘Khan Academy & MATHletes don’t have to be a stand alone lesson – you can give it so students who are struggling, or to students who are moving a lot faster than other students in the class’


How have Khan Academy & MATHletes changed your school?

It has put maths more in focus – its something students are now happy to say they spend time at.


How can KA help with project maths?

‘One of the big ideas in ideas in project maths is problem solving…in Khan Academy this is used the whole time – through the practice questions and through the tutorial videos, students are getting used to the language of maths.’



A student perspective: National Finalist Jake Larkin

(starts at 2:12 in interview)


Jake Larkin

How has using KA changed your perspective on maths?

It has made it more fun. The events were great fun – we went up to Dublin to take tests and did a group activity about designing a carnival and went on tour of Dublin. Some was stuff you would do in school, some stuff was different.


What is Khan Academy like to use?

Easy to use – the layout was perfect. Khan academy makes it easy no matter where you’re starting from. Just the layout is so easy to see you know where everything is.


Colaiste Bhaile Chlair has signed up to defend their 2014 Challenge title. Encourage your school to signup today! You can follow Gareth and CBC on twitter @gar_callanand @ClaregalwayColl


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